The Nuits Oréades – Season 2, 5th episode at Glazart

We never tire ! After first stages each one succeeded as well as the others, The Nuits Oréades come back Saturday March 25 for a sleepless night punctuated by the colors of international and local psytrance. On the program : the most beautiful people, without omitting your feet dancing all night long as well as your small ears wide opened for always more voluptuousness.

What happens in the head of Oréades Production ? Surely it never ceases to cogitate in the imagination of the organization which became the mistress in the art of promoting in Paris the craziest nights of the capital.

Once it is not customary, the association serves up on a platter the artists who will make the next weekend at Glazart a memorable souvenir for all those who had the curiosity to leave their homes to see if they were. In fact, they were already there, led astray by their only will at the heart of nocturnal ramblings much more real than they had ever imagined.

In the trance goa decoration which are painted, sculpted and digitized by Michaeldeco, make room for pleasure and escape. And also for an unprecedented program composed of artists selected by Oréades Prod, relayed by Com2daddy, Tsugi, One One Six and Awdio.

From Italy to England : only one step

The Italian Scotty Parasect will open the hostilities by broadcasting the musical premises of a conventions and dogmas proof party. After the success of his first EP, he released on February 25 at Bom Shanka Music his second entitled Futura, including Aperocalipse which was recorded with another illustrious star of his country, Dust.

The Nuits Oréades have this of striking that they incorporate the jet lags without making their guests hesitate. So head for England without seeing the hands of watch to find the hitech sound of Noein. Little is know about his origins, but his rhythmic and casual sequences will undoubtedly give visitors an idea of them.

Back in France, mixed sources

A succession of tricolor trance flannels will constitute the second part of the night to carry the dreams of everbody until seven in the morning. Behind his glasses and his shamanic multielectronical dynamics, Nibana blablabla producer at his hours blablabla darkspy blabla also chillout blablabla : wager that if the verbiage seems useless to him under certain circumstances (like on his soundcloud page), his sound manipulations will know how to make the difference.

DJ Drenan from Iono-music will take over. « Good music is not mistaken and goes straight to the depths of the soul to seel the grief that devours us » : if the Parisian artist quotes Stendhal on his Facebook presentation, it is to better bewitch the solitude of each of his guests to stir it and plunge it into the bath with his tribal and energetic touch.

Outside the Glazart, the sun will begin to emerge on the horizon with the first ethnic rhythms of LDB System. Like Nibana, few personal comments about the creator of the Future Sound of Paris.

One more reason to book your place on Placeminute or Digitick now. The heart has its reasons that reason ignores, it is well know. Let it speak and act for you : an attitude likely to baffle you so as not to come back.



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