Shmn – Sortilèges night at the Nouveau Casino of Paris !

On March 17 at 11:30 pm, the Shmn tribe invites you to join the invocations of its shamans at the Nouveau Casino to celebrate the declining phase of the moon. On the program : the charms of the preachers of the new deep, house and electro era whose common fate will seal yours throughout the night and the following days.

The Nouveau Casino of Paris will once again become the theater of musical and spiritual experiments far removed from any chance. The place inspires and gathers since its reinvention. On March 17, it will become the land of magicians of a new era who combine the hypnotic rhythms that they conjure and their nocturnal supplications to the lunar star.

In the scenery and perfumes designed and disseminated by Land of Dreams, Iriscent, and Élodie Canzoneri, the bodies will have no choice but to move in the spatio-temporal harmony that will be offered to them. With the penetrating projections of its worshipers, the music of the night will paint a day and its subdued light, reflecting the nuances that they distill all around the world.

Echonomist as the master of ceremonies

The time of his studies in accounting so as to satisfy his parents is now far from him. His first movements initiated through his very first musical project IνΦο too, after having completely abandoned the idea of animating the weddings and the other festive Sunday events of his family.

Petros Manganaris, a DJ and a producer from Greece, is now playing alongside the biggest and traveling in the regions of an infinite that even the figures he used in the past can’t quantify. No doubt this is the reason that motivated the choice of his stage name : Echonomist.

Or rather THE Echonomist if we consider his sets combining the energy of percussion and the fluidity of synths. Beyond the simple recitation of its formula, Echonomist transforms the sound in order to throw on the crowd its essence, which it’s able to invest it before propelling it. No doubt that it will be the case again on March 17 during the Sortilèges night at the Nouveau Casino.

The Shmn’s elected until morning

Dedicated to electronic and spiritual events, counting on artists and performers amongst the most widely known on Awdio, Shmn has invited an exceptional trio to continue the night litany until sunrise. Beginning with DJ F.E.X, one of the most enthusiastic proponents of techno and nu-deep prose, captivating audiences from around the world and having already acquired several letters of nobility at the Burning Man festival in the US.

Next will come Vincent Giumelli. The DJ from Tours (France) who has become one of the leading ambassadors of Parisians underground deep-house will share his bipolar music made of enchantments and nervous tremors to free you from the turpitudes of your daily life. His vibrations reveal as watermarks a commitment like the one that he had in Kosovo in 2008 at the Spray Club for the independence of this state.

Christophe Bollé aka Jaaneman aka DJ Tito will close the Sortilèges night. The klubtrotter, deeply embedded in the art of deep-house and deep-techno, has recently refocused on his production activities and the experience of new collaborations. This doesn’t prevent him from performing on international stages, from Melbourne to New York via Paris on March 17.

Pre-order now your place on Resident Advisor and Digitick. And you, what spells would you like to throw at your dancing neighbor ?



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