Baltazar Music – Birthday night at the Nouveau Casino !

Friday, February 24, go to the Nouveau Casino of Paris to celebrate the three years of Baltazar Music. On the program : three collectives and artists with intertwined perspectives for a total immersion in the whirlpools of precursor sets, chosen by and for their audience. From 11pm, it is the fresh Irène Drésel who will open the ball with her percussionist and her flutist. She will be followed by the crew of the Colloc at midnight, then by the DJ set of Les Yeux Orange.

It seems that love lasts three years. It seems. That of Baltazar Music for its artists and the audience seems to be able to last for a long time. The collaborative platform which was born on the beaches of the Malibu has adopted since its foundation a clear position in favor of the emergence of the DJs of tomorrow, by allowing Internet users to vote and to grow those of their choice.

The method of Baltazar Music thus allows the most acclaimed DJs to perform on stage, through competitions organized on the website of Baltazar Music and relayed on its social networks. Its approach is innovative enough to be underlined : it repositioned fans of electro and techno music to the heart by making them become (again) actors.

Result : Baltazar Music today valorizes on its website forty artists. They unveil all the nuances of genres which are bringing a real coherence to the catalog of Baltazar Music. From the House of Matt Decymo to the minimal of BRHunters, the family has expanded and continues its development through the sensory exploration of its members.

The Beauty of a night of dreams

On Friday 24th February, Baltazar Music will once again make the most for a program of choice that will live up to its event. From 11pm, three collectives and artists will be continuous to offer you a true demonstration of strength mingling the intensity of the chains with the chimerical allusions of their authors.

Young Irène Drésel, a graduate of Beaux-Arts and finalist of the Ricard S.A Live 2017 contest, will put candles on the birthday cake of Baltazar Music. Quoted recently on Les Inrocks, the release of her EP coincides with her exhibition on the stage of the Nouveau Casino of Paris with Sizo Del Givry at the percussion and Ola Klebanska at the flute. Thrills are guaranteed in her ambient techno prayer which electrifies faith.

The beasts of those who continue

At midnight, the Colloc will bring Baltazar Music’s cake to the dining room with a DJ set made by the most groovy crew in the capital. « We are waiting for you to make the party » : this is the credo of the Colloc. Simple without doubt. However, it betrays the effectiveness of its inventiveness. The birthday of Baltazar Music will be another opportunity to check it out.

We blow on the flames in joy, good humor and the moment which is embodying the memory of a new stage reached for Baltazar Music with a last DJ set offered by Les Yeux Orange, mix of a beach and the waves of an ocean of vibes you will feel in your febrile bodies.

Join now the Facebook event created for this occasion and get ready for a timeless birthday night. Presales : 8 euros. On site : 12 euros. From 11pm to 6am at the Nouveau Casino of Paris.



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