Salah Sadeq – The Crate outside, the crowd inside

Since a few months, Salah Sadeq is back and has been very assiduous on Awdio by proposing every week its set of the moment on its channel The Crate. The Crate, a name he created a few years ago for his own webradio, then and always moving between Dubai, Tbilisi and the world. The movement, that of the crowds he carries each evening he does, is precisely his battle-horse and his speciality. Don’t try to convince yourself : just log in to The Crate on Awdio. The round will be played. No trick : only magic.

By the age of 14, he already had that in his blood. Salah Sadeq is one of these little children who go to meet a destiny they knew from an early age.

Combining the electronic, groovy, disco and acid impulse with the abstraction of sounds and music only for their essence, the young prodigy tested himself at Tameem, a nightclub in Bahrain, the country of his birth. Before gaining recognition from the pros of the shadow and the public, then becoming the designated DJ of the weekends of the Likwid, another well-known establishment on the island.

An island whose name literaly means in Arabic : between two seas. Precisely, Salah Sadeq adopts this translation and offers to each of his sets this in-between connected to the total spiritual immersion and the flow of hypnotized bodies. Ours, of course.

The Crate : Awdio space with brilliance

There is in Salah Sadeq a sensitivity that exceeds the only succinct performance under the spotlights. And it is not those he had the opportunity to accompany in the past who would say the opposite, like Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink or even Sven Väth.

The performances of Salah Sadeq cover Europe and the world with an energy that comes from guts, which transcends the techno effects and the deep to suggest a true story. A fable centered above all on talent, talents. On an affective proximity between them, with the music, the flow, the sequence. On a spell thrown at these entanglements of rhythms and pulsations that know how to seduce, enchant, awaken and open.

From The Crate to Techfui : a step that dances

Bridges are very simple to build in this perspective where only pleasure, meaning and envy count. Thus, Salah Sadeq knew how to reinvent a future by initiating a permanent collaboration through his creative director and producer activities. He founded Techfui, a label « bringing together family, friends and new talents ». It is thus that he values the perennial links by gathering DJs who became ambassadors of this fantasy of thinking, arranging, and propagating sound in the dark.

« It is about creating a feeling, a vibe, an atmosphere, in the individual or in a place, with our art » : the sets of Salah Sadeq accessible on his channel The Crate, broadcast on Awdio, are all realities confirming its vision and commitment.

Because if many beats are alike, some of them sometimes stand out, and a few others still know how to score, leave a fingerprint. The beat of Salah Sadeq is just one of these. It is an extrapolation, an intrusion. The invocation of a spirit, a comforting warmth inviting to let go of the ballast, to smile, to dance, to love. Rendez-vous on Awdio to live it on your turn on The Crate.



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