The Nuits Oréades will again take place at Glazart on 4 February !

Nights in one, the one that will make you travel to the depths of your darkness so as to take you away from the light of a daily life which is sometimes morose : here is the very enticing proposal of Oréades Prod through the next edition of its Nuits Oréades, the first in this new year 2017. Trancinetik will unveil its artists, sound engineers of synthetic psytrance with enigmatic outlines.

Will the good resolutions taken in the aftermath of the New Year’s Eve celebrations be held ? Concerning yours, Awdio wish you ardently. As for the Nuits Oréades, there is no doubt about it !

The fourth episode of the second season of appointments organized by Oréades Prod at Glazart is already scheduled on 4 February to discover the artists of Trancinetik and their pulsations, shared through live sessions that will make you omit the hours that pass : for a sleepless night without disenchantment, well opposite.

Glazart : at the gates of La Villette, at the heart of music

Since it creation in 1992, Glazart has defied the too framed musical genres and has positioned itself as a major eclectic music scene in Paris. It knows how to conjugate pleasure of the ears, of the eyes, of the good move.

What does it matter that the feet of the faithful of Glazart don’t flounder in the Seine ? Glazart offers them the hot sand of its frenzied evenings with LaPlage, a small open sky paradise of 800 sq metres welcoming no less than 25000 visitors every year !

It was inescapable that Glazart again responded favorably to the call of Oréades Prod. All the team of the hall is waiting for you to penetrate the hollow of the universe of Nuits Oréades and that of the artists of Trancinetik. To frolick yourself on the rave devastating power that Glazart will have in his belly on 4 February !

The artists of Trancinetik : PLAY mode

The decoration is planted, let us see now the sequence of sets planned for these unpublished Nuits Oréades. What better way to lauch the hostilities than an improvised battle between Yanix and Cedricou ? Awdio has already had the opportunity recently to evoke the first one in its Mag. As to the second, he will undoubtedly be able to stand up to him. At the other hand : a techno sound acting like a shaker in your head.

A beautiful introduction also if we linger on the continuation of events planned during these Nuits Oréades. Mucho Mucho techno : this is what Eldon promises once again during his next passage, coupled with that of Skad and his Punchy prog which knows how to preserve a certain suspense throughout its chapters.

The progressive trance of Rise will take matters in hand, followed by the emeritus psytrance of Zorglüb who will perform outside his no less abstract Bonux Parties he regularly organizes in Paris, just this once.

What better way to close the game than the live act of Serenity Flux ? Why is the universe, in other words, why does it pitch when I try to keep my balance ? Answer on 4 February at Glazart at the very end of Nuits Oréades Trancinetik !



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