Nouveau Casino

The mythical place of Parisian nights, the Nouveau Casino is a concert hall and a nightclub with a pronounced taste for underground music. Its soundsystem and varied programming have made its reputation: in addition to hosting great international artists like Diplo, M.I.A., or even Lana Del Rey, the Nouveau Casino has always wanted to highlight local artistic figures. The Nouveau Casino has already welcomed to its stage the likes of Rubin Steiner, Bosco, Tuxedomoon, Shantel, Telepopmusik, Stereolab, Ready Made, Pole, Lumière la nuit, Tav Falco, the experiments of Keith Rowe, Datarock, , Timid Boy, V.L.A.D and Chevreuil or even the devilish sets of RE.You, Dave Clark, Nathan Fake, Krikor or Kubbe.
Entirely isolated from its immediate neighbours by a wall of colossal thickness and endowed with highly professional technical equipment as well as a team that possess know-how in multiple fields, This remarkable concert hall has the ability to welcome different artistic expressions, namely those from digital arts.
A year ago, a new owner took charge: “it is important to keep the mythical identity of this club, while writing a new page of its history” said David Delattre, the new manager. A story that will be written in the musical communion thanks to the teams of the Nouveau Casino, the artists and the public.
Nouveau Casino is determined to defend a different perspective of music, one which privileges hybrid expression and cutting edge initiatives. It has positioned itself as a host for concerts, images and unique parties where musical discovery is linked to a resolutely convivial atmosphere.

Moreover, when night falls, Nouveau Casino has the rare privilege of transforming itself into a veritable club where live electronic music mixes with the pleasure of the dance floor for groovy and sparkly parties.


Le Nouveau Casino – PARIS 11ème


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