DATway Entertainment is a group of eager individuals that have joined forces to give the world a link to all things entertainment. The DATway show round table was established by Adda Eada“Ms. Datway” to center on current events and showcase the indie world. Be it culture, politics, or music DATway tackles the topics while providing an outlet for the up and coming. The “D” of DATway stands for Determination. The team is determined to cause a change. The “A” stands for Ambitious. They will ambitiously strive to provide the consistent streaming outlet for the real world of ambition. The “T” of DATway stands for totality. All united as one, operating in a sole pursuit of excellence. Welcome to the world that is D.A.T.way!

Adda Eada known as “Ms.DatWay” hails from East Atlanta. From an early age Adda developed a natural skill to lead. Raised by her father until his untimely passing, Adda embodied perseverance as she went on to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Business Management and project management. Adda then went on to establish her true calling which is Datway Ent. There is no doubt; “Ms. Datway” is a force to be reckoned with. “I live my life by “Joie De Vevre” a bliss of life.”

Demario J. Benton. 29 years young. “O.G. Menace” came from very humble beginnings. Raised in a single parent home in Atlanta. O.G.’s mother went above and beyond to ensure he and his siblings were happy. Mr. Benton was derailed for a moment by indulging in young life. After realizing his behavior would directly begin to affect his siblings he made the decision to make a change. “I know God has given me a second chance to get it right, now I’m HERE.”

Kenneth aka “Khay Jay B” originally from Tampa Florida has always been attached to the arts for as far back as he can remember. From an early age Buie decided that he would have a career in entertainment. To assist in his pursuit he began his journey to a degree in Mass Communications and Journalism. Form there Khayjay has served as a blogger, personal assistant and now on air personality.“


Tune-In WAENFM.COM 10pm Eastern standard time every Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat at 4pm Eastern standard.

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