The 2016 edition of the Techno Parade took place in Paris on September 24th. Since the first version of 1998, this cultural event has always been a success. This year passes the 400.000 participants mark.


In September 1997, a “Techno Parade” organized by revelers and Radio FG, brought together about 400 people and four tanks équiped with soundsystems. The walk crossed 4 Paris arrondissements . The following year the first official Techno Parade took place and 200,000 people participated. Beyond the obvious festive aspect of the parade, this is also a place to protest. The first editions were about the defense of the LGBT rights.


This fact is little known, but the Techno Parade is a participatory parade: it welcomes all the organizers, labels, artists, collectives, holders of various projects that want to showcase their own way a piece of electronic culture. Paris does not lack in good DJs, so you can guess the diversity and the quality of the 60 DJs that played all afternoon on the 11 tanks participating to the parade.

The Haribo Pik tank, in partnership with SoonVibes, hosted DJs such as Quentin Mosimann, Michael Canitrot, Antoine Delvig and Naomie K. On the NRJ / SAM tank: Jay style, DJ Oriska, Antoine Clamaran or Nils Van Zandt and Morgan Nagoya. For the first time, the Dutch festival of hardcore music Hardshock was represented with a tank on which Amada, Igneon System, Ophidian, Promo, played among others. Brittany was also present with a tank hosting Bob Maxwell, Ganez The terrible or Lisa Moon. One of the most followed tank of last year, “Festimove”, was still in the game, with a UFO tank and some Hard-Dance names: Adaro, Thera, Act Of Rage, Stormtrooper, Endymion, etc.

2016’s message

This year, three privileged claims: the desire for a better distribution of copyright for electronic artists, repeal quota French songs on the radio and the fight against unjustified bans electronic events. There is still a lot to do on these subjects so there is a good chance these matters will be brought up to attention again in the coming years.



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