The best of Ibiza 2016 @home

Sometimes I whish I was able to teleport myself instantly to a festival, enjoy it with friends, dance till dawn and keep dancing after, party all week long and teleport back home when I’m so exhausted (and happy!) all I can do is sleep. If I were able to do so, I would go to the Mecca of all the good electro places of the world: Ibiza.

Alas, we are not close to get to ask Scotty or anyone to beam us up there, so we have to be creative: If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed. So here it is with a bit of imagination and magic please welcome a selection of the best of Ibiza brought to you!


Open Lab Radio

PODGASIM Live Session

Ibiza Sonica

USHUAIA Beach Hotel


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