Streaming live with Mixxx

Broadcast Live from Mixxx software with Awdio service can be set in two minutes!

Once set, no need to configure anything else ever again. Here are the 3 steps to configure Mixxx. This works with versions 1.x and 2.x.


1- Get your Icecast settings from your event’s page


Copy the four elements provided: Server address, Server port, Mount address and Password.



2- Configure Mixxx broadcast settings

Mixxx broadcast settings

Mixxx broadcast settings icecast with Awdio

Paste the information you got from the first step: Server address to Host field, Mount address to Mount field, Server Port to Port field and Password to Password field.

3- Enable Live Broadcast feature in Mixxx software

Mixxx broadcast enable live broadcast

Finaly, check the Enable Live Broadcasting item on the Options menu in Mixxx.


After this last step any sound out of Mixxx will be streamed to your channel. Sound check can be made directly on your computer or Awdio’s website/mobile apps.


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