PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome duo)

A “basic” and mechanical description of this dynamic duo could be : after completing classical music studies in Naples, Caterina and Martina joined their passion together and created PMS. They play violin and piano, mix classical and electronic music, write meaningful lyrics, and on top of that their voices work really great together! Their EP (Premenstrual Syndrome) was released last February, and if you are curious to know what it sounds like, go check their website or their Soundcloud page.

On another level “The music is a woman” is the motto of the duo composed of Caterina Bianco and Martina Mollo and their description on their FB page states : “Being a Woman in a world made by men for men, as it is in the music industry, is complicated. And there is a chance you will try to change to look up to men’s ideal woman. We believe, however, that we can, we must, find a way of being authentic women, without betraying our own nature, and being proud of every aspect and contradiction that is part of ourselves. Including some aspects that make us (periodically) unbearable. Premenstrual syndrome, for example …;)”. And this is why their participation at the Wavinba Festival this year makes sense. Come enjoy their convert at the festival, listen to them and discuss with them. Their performance will change you for sure!

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