Flo is for sure one of the most eclectic and versatile personality among the new generation of Italian music. refined interpreter and original author, Flo was able to transform her musical experiences (from the musical “C’era una volta…Scugnizzi” by Claudio Mattone, to collaborations with artists as Lino Cannavacciuolo and Daniele Sepe) in a peculiar and intense style, where languages and ideas are mixed continuously.

Her music is the evocation of an elsewhere, a huge imagination and soul; It is the chronicle of the city and lives suspended in time and space, in perfect balance between pity and disillusionment. Her sound, daring, rhythmic and pulsating led the group on tour in Italy and Europe.

Flo origins are from Naples and sings in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and obviously, Neapolitan. Her band counts great musicians: Ernesto Nobili, also  producer, skilled on several instruments; Marco Di Palo (cello) is a versatile musician who participate in many projects from classical to rock music, from indian raga to balcan music; Michele Maione (percussions) has worked a lot at high levels in the theatre field and teaches percussions classes all around Italy.

Flo will be the headliner at Wavinba Festival next friday. Those who cannot made it to the festival will be able to listen to Flo’s concert from the Festival’s page on Awdio.com.



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