Fede ‘n’ Marlen

Napoli, Granada, Buenos Aires, Rione Sanità. From these places come the sounds that in 2013 give life to the partnership between the two songwriters Fede ‘n’ Marlen, Federica Ottombrino and Marilena Vitale, two Neapolitan girls who meet and discover a common world, a world where they express their emotions by interlacing their voices. So begins a musical journey that will lead to the creation of two EPs entitled “Stalattiti” and “Stalattiti live”.

Their sonic influences and musical education were impregnated by Southern American magical songwriters like Caetano Veloso and Adriana Calcanhotto, the ancient and wise Neapolitan song, their love for acoustic and traditional instruments, the desire to speak to a world that seems to escape the theory of love, the beauty of things, the passion for life.

By the end of 2013 begins the “Stalattiti Tour” during which the group played throughout the Italian peninsula, on major stages from Milan to Roma up all’agrigentino. More than 200 concerts during this tour imposed Fede ‘n’ Marlen on the increasingly lively Neapolitan scene. They performed very emotionnal first parts for Cristina Donà, Lucariello, Francesco Di Bella, Ciro Tuzzi and shared the stage as well with Brunella Selo, Maria Nazionale, Thomas First and Alessio Arena.

Fede’n’Marlen music tells stories threaded with love, irony, day-to-day life lessons and are confronted with a world that would quickly erase any emotion if the songs were not there to slow it down. Mastering their art, their music and texts are written so they can live in voices, guitars, accordion, visceral and sincere sounds to reach you under your skin.

Currently working on the completion of their first LP entitled “ALMOND” label on Europhone Records / Fast Entertainment, produced by Jerry de Concilio with the artistic production and the arrangements of Arcangelo Michele Caso. Fede ‘n’ Marlen will perform at the next edition of the Wavinba Festival and will probably play new songs at this occasion.

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