Broadcasting with Serato

Broadcasting from Serato with Awdio can be done in few clics!

You have to do it once, it will work for all your events!


1- Get your Icecast settings from your event’s page on Awdio

Get your ICECAST settings from the “Third Party” section in your event’s page


Note your Icecast settings for later



2- Download Nicecast & start it

1- Broadcast serato nicecast start-1


3- Select Serato as source

2- Broadcast serato nicecast select Serato source


4- Input your Icecast settings from step 1

3- Broadcast serato nicecast set icecast server on awdio

4- Broadcast serato nicecast create icecast server

6- Broadcast serato nicecast input icecast settings

Account and Public URL must remain blank. Mount Point is the Mount Address from step 1, it must begin with /.

Nicecast’s demo version will allow you to stream for one hour, for longer sets you have to get a license.


5- Clic on Start Broadcasting

7- Broadcast serato nicecast start broadcast-1


After this moment any music out of Serato will be streamed to your channel.
Sound check can be made directly on your computer or Awdio’s website/mobile apps.


Any question or suggestion are welcome :



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