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Fake Blood will be celebrating the release of his new EP ‘Yes/No’ (Different Recordings/Blood Music) this friday at Fabric London. Building the momentum around performances from artists gracing the Blood Music roster the lineup reflects Fake Blood’s ethos perfectly with sets from similarly energetic DJs like Boy 8 Bit, Clouds, LeBreton and Ego Troopers.


We asked Theo some questions about this release and the party:


“- You are about to release your new EP, ‘Yes/No’. Could you tell us a bit more about the tracks that feature on the EP?
The title track “Yes / No” is a tune I’ve been playing in my sets for a little while, but have tweaked it up ready for release. Disco / classical piano and a bass sound that loosens teeth. Plus a fully interactive and user-friendly vocal sample.
“End Of Days” is a strange techno record, full of nervous looping parts that feel like the 4 Horsemen are approaching to the sound of the Horns Of Jericho. Kind of.
“Bionic” is a stripped back late-night tune that ticks and builds into an odd melodic part, while sending your brain images of semi-cyborg men doing huge jumps and bending iron bars.
– The launch party for the ‘Yes/No’ EP will be at Fabric on Friday 21st September. How did you choose the artists that will be playing with you in the Blood Music room?
We did another Blood Music party there last February (which was an amazing night), so I wanted to feature some guys who didn’t get to play last time – like LeBreton and Clouds. And then I brought back Ego Troopers and Boy 8-Bit due to popular demand! Everyone I chose for the line-up is an excellent DJ, but their styles are quite varied. So I deliberately gave everyone a set time that would let them shine.

– The party will be streamed live on Awdio. What are your thoughts on Live Broadcasting? How important is it to you?
As a DJ, you can only visit so many places so often. Even less so with a Blood Music party / line-up. But a live stream or camera feed allows people to access a party they might not get to see in person. I never really record or post studio-made mixes / sets online, but a live set is different – it’s more representative of what a club night is about: the sound of the room as well as the music, and people actually mixing on the spot (manual corrections and all), rather than super-clinical mixes constructed in the studio.

– What future projects do you have planned for your label Blood Music?
We have great new releases by Dabeull and Boy 8-Bit coming soon, and some nice surprises to follow those! Plus we’ve got more Blood Music parties planned for autumn and winter, the first one of these coming up in Dundee. We have new t-shirts and stickers to give away at the parties, and some unusual ideas and music getting prepared for 2013!”

You can listen live streaming all night from Room 1 on the 21st September from 10pm – 6am, on Fabric London channel HERE

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